Photo Gallery
Cabin Number Two
Construction Began April 4th - 2011

Central Baptist Church Jacksonville, TX - 38 Men, Women and Children Working on Elijah's Retreat Two Bedroom Cabin - Saturday April 9th

Frank Waggoner
Rob Gorham
Jack Woods
Steve Edwards
Stephen James
Darin Wood
Greg Jones
Shari Thomason
Zack Thomason
Nick Thomason
Brad Morton
Charles Jasper
Carlton Fisher
Shea Fisher
Joe Casey
Johnny Mack Tennison
Mark Ross
Chris Lollar
Josh Best
Johnny Sanderson
John Thigpen
Larry Folden
Carl Bradshaw
Jimmy Murray

Curtis Landon
Bruce Pittman & son Blake
Don Reno
Charles Tobler
Tom Hargett
Kent Dacus
Kenny Pryor
Ted Bunn
Steve Alexander
John Sandoval
Charles McDonald
Paul Roddy
Jery Miller
Little Annie and her big sister Carrie.  Annie is 6 yrs old with Autism.  She is a Sweetheart!

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