Photo Gallery

Retreat Supporters
Some support financially, some with physical work, some in prayer, some donate horses, hay or other items.  All are vital and we thank you all so very much. God bless you.
Lloyd & Tina Shufelberger - Mena, AR
Rick & Tabitha Calton - Jacksonville, FL
Heather de la Rosa - Washington, DC
Catherine Robertson - Dallas, TX
Masanori & Banah Kono - Dallas, TX
Chris and Lee Andrews - Bullard, TX
Zachery McGinnis - Dallas, TX
Amanda Grindele - Austin, TX
Cole Massey - Lubbock, TX
Bailey Grindele - Nacogdoches, TX
Garrett Grindele - Rowlett, TX
Gabby Grindele - Rowlett, TX
Magan Massey - McKinney, TX
Greg and Julie Hornok - Plano, TX
Dorothy E. Hendrick Charitable Trust - Bullard, TX
Gary and Sylvia Thacker - Mineola, TX
Mike Chandler - Nacogdoches, TX
Ray Fore - Nacogdoches, TX
Annette Freeman - Lewisville, TX
Terry and Donna Swearingen - Center, TX
Mike and Annette Young - Gallatin, TX
Nathan and Candi Summers - Arlington, TX
Loni McNeese - Fort Worth, TX
Warren and Kimme Kyle - Wylie, TX
Tom and Maria Hargett - Jacksonville, TX
John and Michele Kadera- Cypress, TX
Central Baptist Church Jacksonville, TX - (website)
Mrs. Billy Tucker - Nacogdoches, TX
Danny Mora - Nacogdoches, TX
Rene Riley - Jacksonville, TX
Katie Gillispie - Jacksonville, TX
Gerry and Verlyn Dunlap - Milford, NE
South Oaks Baptist Church - Arlington, TX
Elita J. Owens - New Cancy, TX
Mercy Ships - Lindale, TX - (website)
Marilyn and Ken Foster - Rusk, TX
Bob Peppard - Tyler Car & Truck
Rooms To Go - Seffner, FL - (website)
Wal-Mart - Jacksonville, TX - (website)
KLTV 7 - Tyler, TX - (website)
911 Air Cargo - Denton, TX
Chainsaw Ministry - Rusk, TX
D.R. Ramirez Construction - Jacksonville, TX
Chris & Jill Rogers - Frisco, TX
Roger & Rhonda Mills - Nacogdoches, TX
Jeff & Sandy Carroll - Rusk, TX
Bill & Carol Traweake - Rusk, TX
Jim & Waldine Walker - Rusk, TX
J.D., Maxine & Jeremy Pierce - Rusk, TX
Rejoice Lutheran Church - Frisco, TX - (website)
Leigh Attaway Wilcox - Frisco, TX - (website)
Hank & Cindy Lundberg - Denton, TX
Greg & Dixie Rose family - Palestine, TX
Lee & Karen Jones - Jacksonville, TX
Kenny & Glenna Pryor - Jacksonville, TX
Donnie & Kristi Hurd family - Rendon, TX
Trey & Anne Summitt - Plano, TX
Fellowship Bible Church – Jacksonville, TX
JoAnn Wibberley – Tallahassee, FL
Jim & Cathy Brewer – Mt. Olive, MS
Dwight & Carol Omenson – Jacksonville, TX
Ernest Pearson – Laurel, MS
Don & Claudia Walker – Jacksonville, TX
Casey Beach – Jacksonville, TX
David & Phyllis Johnson – Jacksonville, TX
Bill & Vicki Weidner – Jacksonville, TX
Jo Carter – Mansfield, TX
Eddie Moore – Arlington, TX
Salita Henry – Ovilla, TX
"Gentle" a Collie puppy donated by Greg, Dixie, Andrew, Christen and Sara Rose.
"Patrick" donated by David & Phyllis Johnson
Donated by - Donnie, Kristi, Ashley, Destiny and Hannah Hurd - their 26 yr. old mare - Bling-Bling
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